• Disaster and Migration Management Award

    Projects that produce innovative solutions for effective and rights-based management of unexpected natural and social movements will be awarded.

  • Smart City Award

    Projects aiming to minimize resource consumption with technological tools within the framework of sustainability will be awarded in this category.

  • Waste Management Award

    Projects with the ability to generate new resources with minimum impact and recycling systems for the environment will be awarded in this category.

  • Landscaping Award

    Projects prioritizing urban aesthetics, enabling the citizens to reproduce themselves and thus increasing the quality of urban life will be evaluated in this category.

  • Child-friendly City Award

    Projects that have a positive impact on the quality of life of children and which are based on children’s rights will be evaluated in this category.

  • Woman-friendly City Award

    Supporting and egalitarian projects that increase women’s economic, political and social activities and productivity will be awarded in this category.

  • Protection of Urban and Architectural Texture Award

    Projects that establish the cultural and social connection between the past and the future will be rewarded.

  • Architectural Protection Award

  • Social and Participatory Municipalism Award

    Projects aiming to build democracy locally with participatory governance and transparency will be awarded in this category.

  • Sustainable Energy Award

    Projects that prioritize energy production from self-sufficient and renewable sources will be evaluated in this category.

  • Sustainable Development Award

    The projects that make efficient use of scarce resources and rational and environmentalist approaches which foresee economic and social development within this framework will be rewarded.

  • Sustainable Transportation Award

    Projects that integrate public transport with pedestrian priority transport systems with different modes, thereby facilitating accessibility and treating them as a right will be awarded.

  • Local Participation and Democracy Award